Membership Database Cleansing

After obtaining an export file(s) from your database, we will identify as many problems as we can with the data – we perform more than 50 different types of searches on it.  We report the flaws (specifically, with record id’s, etc) back to you in detail.  This is extremely useful if you have not done such a thing in a few years, or if you are planning a system migration.  Since an association’s biggest asset is its membership, this is often a very good investment.



Some of the flaws we search for:

  • Leading/trailing spaces
  • Structural issues with phone #s, email addresses, and web address
  • Duplicate Records
  • Incomplete addresses
  • Inconsistencies in addressing relating to zip codes
  • Inconsistencies in addressing relating to area codes
  • Illogical dates
  • Garbage characters in fields
  • Inconsistent/Illogical statuses
  • Inconsistencies relating active/inactive membership